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Everyone needs to have a proper bike fit. In fact, a proper bike fit optimizes comfort while riding, it also optimizes power output and prevents injury.

As important as having your helmet, shoes, and other accessories fit properly, a proper bike fit is the foundation for a better riding experience.
ProCycling has the SICI size cycle. This has many of the leading edge technologies to optimize your fit. Remember, the tools are only half of a bike fit. Having certified fit technicians is the other half. ProCycling has invested in outfitting our technicians with the knowledge to gain such certifications.


Serotta Professional Bike Fit
Created by one of the first to analyze the biomechanics of proper bike fitting, Serotta Bicycles. There is no such thing as an "ideal position" generated by a computer software program. Based on your "personal blueprint" our SICI certified technician will work with you so you can achieve your cycling goals while taking into consideration all of your abilities and limitations.

Specialized BG Fit

Specialized's proprietary system consisting of a trained technician, cutting edge tools, and a unique fit assessment process. BG Fit methodology will be applied to the rider, following a determination of the riders' history, cycling goals, and individual biomechanics. Up to a dozen tests including extremity flexibility, hip, knee and foot alignment, and pedal stroke are used to determine your optimized fit.



Saddle height, saddle fore-aft position, handlebar reach evaluation
$50.00 for existing bike
FREE with bike purchase from Pro Cycling

Suspension setup

Setting of correct SAG on fork and rear shock
$30.00 for existing bike
FREE with bike purchase from ProCycling

Cleat installation

Set cleat in neutral fore-aft position
lateral placement for knee tracking
rotation for free float
$40 for existing bike
FREE with shoe and pedal purchase from ProCycling


Personal interview to take past and present sports, surgical and injury history, acute or chronic pain into consideration
Structural evaluation, flexibility assessment, biomechanical evaluation
Footbed assessment, cleat installation
Saddle height and fore-aft
optimal handlebar reach and height adjustment
Suspension setup
$200 for road and mountain bike
$250 TT/Tri Fit
$150/$200 with bike purchase

*parts and labor need are not included in the price

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