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Bicycle Repair

In-store Bike Tune-Up, Repair, and Service Options

Tuneup – $99.00

Tuneup includes adjustment of derailleurs, brakes, lateral truing of wheels, adjustment of hubs, headset and bottom bracket. It includes the installation of cables and housing, chain, cassette and brake pads. It does not include cleaning of drivetrain or frame. There is a prorated price for bleeding of disc brakes if needed.

Bike wash – $25.00

Drivetrain clean – $50.00

Disc Brake bleed - $30.00 (each)

Derailleur adjustments:

  • Derailler adjustment with setting of limit screws and reset of barrel adjusters – $15.00
  • Installation of cable - $20.00
  • Derailleur hangar alignment – $20.00

Tire/Tube install – $8.00

Tubeless install/Sealant refresh (sealent not included) – $10.00

Tubeless setup – $30.00

  • Installation of tape, sealant and valves

Bike builds:

  • Boxed bike – $79.00
  • Bare frame – $160.00
  • Road Di2 external/Time Trial (with cables) – $160.00
  • Internal Di2 – $160.00
  • Bike overhaul – $220.00
  • Bike bought off ebay and wanted it fully inspected for possible damage? - $220.00

Fork overhaul:

  • $50.00 for lower service - replace wipers and oil bath (excludes open bath systems)
  • $90.00 is for a fork with an open bath damper – Includes replacement of wipers and or-rings as needed
  • $140.00 is for a FIT system or TALAS (additional $40 for both systems) – Includes replacement of wipers and o-rings as needed

Seatpost rebuild - $150.00

Contact ProCycling, the premier bike repair shop in Colorado Springs. Call or visit our experts for more information on how our bike tune-up, repair, and service options can meet your bike needs.

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