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Bike Fitting

COVID-19 Notice

ProCycling is offering its bike sizing and fitting services again. These services will be done on a limited, appointment only schedule, and specific CDC and local government guidelines will be followed by both the service provider and yourself, the customer, so the safest environment can be maintained. 

Here are the guidelines that must be followed to enjoy your fit:

  • Please call to reschedule your appointment:
    • If you have any symptoms you may be sick, even if they are allergy related. 
    • Have travelled in the last week
    • Know that you have been in contact with anyone known to have Covid-19 or is currently sick for the last 14 days.
  • Our bike fitters will be wearing masks; Per mandatory order as of 7/17/20 masks are required. If you are unwilling to adhere to this outline we will reschedule the fit once the mandatory order is lifted. As of current it will 30 days from 7/17/20, but may be extended.
  • We will be monitoring the health of our employees for your safety. 
  • Come dressed to ride your bike on the indoor trainer to minimize contact.
  • Wash your hands when you get here.
  • We will have hand sanitizer for you to use and gloves if requested.
  • The fit area will be sanitized between all appointments.
  • Please do not touch anything in the fitting area unless permitted by sales staff.
  • If any service work is needed on your bike as a result of your fit, be prepared to leave your bike for the service team to finalize when it works for their schedule.
  • While we love chatting and catching up, we will minimize talking and socializing to reduce any potential risk of spreading infection. 

To learn more about the CDC guidelines and state guidelines we are following and how to protect yourself. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the store over 24-hours before the scheduled appointment. 

Bike Fitting

If you're serious about riding, you need a professional bike fitting. A proper bike fit optimizes comfort while riding, optimizes power output, and prevents injuries.

As important as having your bike helmet, cycling shoes, and other biking accessories fit properly, a proper bike fit is the foundation for a better riding experience. ProCycling has the newest Retul Muve SL Fit Bike and companion Vantage 7 Motion Capture Software. This has many of the leading edge technologies to optimize your fit. Remember, the tools are only half of a bike fit. Having certified fit technicians is the other half. ProCycling has invested in outfitting our technicians with the knowledge to gain such certifications, so we can provide the best bike fitting services in Colorado Springs. Visit our ProCycling East or ProCycling West location to get your professional bike fitting today!

Retul logo

Retül provides professional bike fitting technology and tools to help cyclists increase comfort and improve performance on their bikes. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retül has specialized in bike fit technology and training since 2007, performing more than 3,000 fits at its headquarters. They've taught more than 350 bike fit training courses around the world and helped bike shops, fit studios, performance centers, and medical professionals implement Retül bike fitting services into their businesses. Retül was acquired by Specialized Bicycle Components in 2012 and Retül provides fit technology for Body Geometry Fit.


Specialized's proprietary system consisting of a trained technician, cutting edge tools, and a unique bike fitting service assessment process. BG Fit methodology will be applied to the rider, following a determination of the riders' history, cycling goals, and individual biomechanics. Up to a dozen tests including extremity flexibility, hip, knee and foot alignment, and pedal stroke are used to determine your optimized fit.

Bike Fitting Options

Expert Sizing - $125 – Up to 1.5 hours

Digital Ischial Tuberosity Measurement - Foot Structure Measurement - Saddle Height - Saddle Fore/Aft - Handlebar height, rotation and lever position set with existing stem and handlebar (No stem or bar changes)

Digital report of bike position and baseline suspension set up on mountain bikes.

Fee may be applied to Retul Fit within 6 months.

*Reduced rate with Pro Cycling bike purchase*

The ProCycling Retul Fit - $300 – Up to 3 hours

Utilizing our professional bike fitter’s eye and incorporating the best fitting tools available to put you in the most comfortable and powerful position on your bike.

Begin with an interview to learn more about you and your needs on the bike, past and current injuries, and current discomfort on the bike.

Biomechanical analysis of your body on and off the bike

Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment

Dynamic data capture of body movements to determine optimal position

Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

Each fit with Pro Cycling is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your fit, check-up appointments made with the same fitter within 4 weeks of original fit appointment will be free of charge.

Second bike fit either same day or following day additional $150

*Reduced Rate with Pro Cycling Bike Purchase*

Annual Follow-Up - $150 – Up to 1.5 hrs

Your body changes over time, and your bike fit may need to adjust to accommodate those changes. If you have had our Signature Retul fit done by Pro Cycling in the past 15 months and are in need of same bike adjustments or part changes to help put you back in the proper position.

Motion capture may or may not be used – Fitter’s discretion 

Digital Bike Rendering (Zin Report) - $50

This standalone service will digitally record an existing bike's reference points (commonly referred to as a Zin Report).  This report serves as a precise record of a rider's bike and current position before making any future adjustments.  A rider may use this information to determine appropriate frame stack and reach information when selecting a new bike, when modifying their position, or when assembling a bike after travel.

Suspension Setup - $30 

Setting of correct SAG on fork and rear shock
Free with bike purchase from ProCycling

Cleat installation - $50

Set cleat in neutral fore-aft position
Lateral placement for knee tracking
Rotation for free float
Free with shoe and pedal purchase from ProCycling 

ProCycling, the best bike fitting services in Colorado Springs!