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Bike Fitting Services Colorado Springs

COVID-19 notice

Due to the nature of personal contact between both the rider and fitter, we have decided to suspend all fit services until further notice. Once we get through this unusual time, we will re-instate bike fit services.  Please feel free to reach out to us to put your name on a waiting list. Once we have a method that will protect both the rider and the fitter from the possibility of passing along this virus, we will inform and schedule accordingly. Thank you for your understanding. 

Bike Fitting

If you're serious about riding, you need a professional bike fitting. A proper bike fit optimizes comfort while riding, optimizes power output, and prevents injuries.

As important as having your bike helmet, cycling shoes, and other biking accessories fit properly, a proper bike fit is the foundation for a better riding experience. ProCycling has the newest Retul Muve SL Fit Bike and companion Vantage 7 Motion Capture Software. This has many of the leading edge technologies to optimize your fit. Remember, the tools are only half of a bike fit. Having certified fit technicians is the other half. ProCycling has invested in outfitting our technicians with the knowledge to gain such certifications, so we can provide the best bike fitting services in Colorado Springs. Visit our ProCycling East or ProCycling West location to get your professional bike fitting today!

Retul logo

Retül provides professional bike fitting technology and tools to help cyclists increase comfort and improve performance on their bikes. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retül has specialized in bike fit technology and training since 2007, performing more than 3,000 fits at its headquarters. They've taught more than 350 bike fit training courses around the world and helped bike shops, fit studios, performance centers, and medical professionals implement Retül bike fitting services into their businesses. Retül was acquired by Specialized Bicycle Components in 2012 and Retül provides fit technology for Body Geometry Fit.


Specialized's proprietary system consisting of a trained technician, cutting edge tools, and a unique bike fitting service assessment process. BG Fit methodology will be applied to the rider, following a determination of the riders' history, cycling goals, and individual biomechanics. Up to a dozen tests including extremity flexibility, hip, knee and foot alignment, and pedal stroke are used to determine your optimized fit.

Bike Fitting Options

Body Geometry Sizing

$100 ($150 with cleat setup and rotation)

Still searching for a comfortable saddle?  Trying clipless pedals for the first time?  Our Body Geometry Sizing service is for any rider interested in addressing specific aspects of their position (namely contact points).  We'll help you select a more-comfortable saddle, confirm saddle height and fore/aft placement, establish appropriate leg extension, and address bar/lever position and reach.  Additional fees for parts and labor may apply.  Body Geometry Sizing shares five steps with Body Geometry/Retul 3-D Fit and the fee may be applied towards the purchase of a Retul 3-D Fit within six months.

Retul 3-D Fit

Retul Bicycle Fit Technology combines state-of-the-art dynamic motion capture with Specialized's Body Geometry Fit practice.  With the use of LED markers, a rider's 3-D position can be actively recorded in real-time, resulting in comprehensive bike fit data to help make more informed (and more precise) fit decisions.  This fit option utilizes a rider's existing bike.  Additional fees for parts and labor may apply.  Ask your fitter about discounts for a second bike.

Retul Frame Finder


Undecided on what new bike is best?  Interested in a custom road, triathlon, or mountain bike?  This bike fitting service option utilizes Retul's Muve SL Fit Bike to quickly and efficiently 'test ride' an infinite number of stock bike geometries in order to make a more-informed decision.  When analyzing rider data within Retul's Frame Finder database, we can identify compatible bikes in our inventory to determine what models will fit properly.  Additionally, it allows a rider that's interested in a custom bike to explore virtually unrestricted frameset ranges to determine their optimal custom bike position.  Half of the Frame Finder fee may be applied toward the purchase of new bike within 90 days.

Digital Bike Rendering (Zin Report)


This standalone service will digitally record an existing bike's reference points (commonly referred to as a Zin Report).  This report serves as a precise record of a rider's bike and current position before making any future adjustments.  A rider may use this information to determine appropriate frame stack and reach information when selecting a new bike, when modifying their position, or when assembling a bike after travel.

Suspension setup

Setting of correct SAG on fork and rear shock
$30.00 for existing bike
FREE with bike purchase from ProCycling

Cleat installation

Set cleat in neutral fore-aft position
lateral placement for knee tracking
rotation for free float
$50 for existing bike

ProCycling, the best bike fitting services in Colorado Springs!