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Mountain Bike Rear Shock Full Service in Colorado Springs

Hitting the trails hard can come with a lot of impacts, but it's your shocks that should feel it. Your full-suspension mountain bike should be ready to absorb the rough terrain with a complete system for expansion and compression. The rear shock isn't just a simple spring that reacts to the ground, it also works to deter reverberation with a damper. These setups work together to make sure you've got a smoother path and your tire stays connected to the ground, so it's important you make sure they're all operating at peak performance.

full suspension mountain bike

Dampening options:

Your shocks are one of the most active parts on your bike, which means they'll need regular care to deliver their best. Shocks that are past their prime can drag or feel sticky and may require an overhaul to get them working right. One step to maintaining better performance between trips to the shop is switching from a simple air buffer for your damper to a nitrogen charge. Using straight nitrogen cuts out the inherent filler that comes in air that works against your parts – oxygen. While air is already almost entirely nitrogen, the 20% that is oxygen comes with moisture levels can cause the inside of your shock to rust or lead to your seals breaking down over time. Trust ProCycling as your premier bike repair shop in Colorado Springs. We have the knowledge and skills to help you with your mountain bike rear shock full service, whether you need a full rear shock rebuild or a damper service. 

Help when you need it:

Nitrogen or no, getting the best out of your equipment could come with the lengthy wait times and shipping costs of sending your parts away. Once you get the parts back, you're still looking at reinstalling the shock and fine-tuning your setup, including the risk of bleeding out too much filler. But there's a better way to get the same expert service that the manufacturer can provide.

Here at ProCycling, we don't just have all the right tools for the job, we know how to use them. We sent an expert to FOX for six months to learn the art of handling your rear shocks, from rebuilding the whole structure to properly calibrating your setup with nitrogen. This makes us the only company in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area certified to complete your mountain bike rear shock full service in Colorado Springs with rear shock rebuilds and damper service.

Going to the nearest source:

Routine maintenance, from damper service to full rear shock rebuilds, can keep your bike running as it should. But the harder you ride, the more attention your parts will need. Come talk to our local bicycle store experts in Colorado Springs on Pikes Peak Avenue to keep your parts working for you. Call our west side store at 719-266-4047 for more information or schedule an appointment for our techs to assess your rear shock rebuilds and damper service needs.