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ShockWiz Analysis

Upgrade Your Suspension Without Breaking the Bank

Finding the perfect suspension makes all the difference in getting more miles on the trails, but nailing down the right adjustment is easier said than done. Suspension setup can be overwhelming and downright frightening for a new rider. Even seasoned riders may be hesitant to make too many changes to their suspension.

Here’s the good news about personalized bike suspension adjustments: there’s an app for that.

Enter ShockWiz, an automated suspension tuning device for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. This helpful program removes the mystery of suspension setup and empowers you to customize your comfort to keep you on the trails longer.


ShockWiz Rental Program

Our team here at ProCycling created the ShockWiz rental program to help cyclists from all skill levels create a custom suspension at a fraction of the cost.  

Whether you’re looking for a more balanced ride or custom tuning styles for riders that don’t fit the standard mold, ShockWiz is made with every rider in mind and will provide recommendations based on your preferences. You’ll be able to easily swap between tuning styles to test out what is most comfortable for you so you can enjoy a longer, smoother ride.

Rental Pricing

Every rider deserves a smooth ride. You can choose to rent one or two ShockWiz units at a time –– we suggest using two units for full suspension bikes. Our rental program pricing is affordable, and you’ll love the flexible rental schedule. 

  • One Day Rental: $40 for a single unit or $70 for two units
  • Three Day Rental: $65 for one or $110 for two units
  • Unit Installation: The rental rate does not include installation of the unit(s). Installation is simple, but our friendly team is more than happy to get you up and running for $10 per unit.

three views of ShockWiz on a bike

How the ShockWiz Works

Getting started is easy! Once the unit is installed on your bike, you’ll need to download the ShockWiz app for your phone which is available at the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

You’ll take a ride with your phone and the sensor on the unit will transfer that data over to your phone to be analyzed. The data will be recorded on your phone, and the ShockWiz app will then provide recommendations on what to change.

Here are some of the measurements you’ll see:

  • Baseline Air Pressure
  • Air Spring Ramp
  • Rebound
  • High Speed Compression
  • Low Speed Compression
  • Bottom Out Resistance
  • Pogo
  • Packing
  • Bottoming
  • Bobbing
  • Bouncing

The app does a great job with analytics and suggests several recommendations based upon your unique riding style.

Schedule Your ShockWiz Rental

Once you complete the ride analysis and receive the ShockWiz recommendations, we’re also happy to help you make any adjustments to your bike. Ready to customize your suspension for a smoother, more comfortable ride? Give us a call or send an email at to reserve your rental today!