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ShockWiz rentals

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QUARQ ShockWiz

Suspension setup can be overwhelming and downright frightening for a new rider; even seasoned riders may be hesitant to make too many changes to their suspension.

SRAM's new ShockWiz is here to help take some of the mystery out of suspension setup. SRAM purchased this small kickstarter company, fully investing in the product's development.

ProCycling understands the value in this technology for not only our staff, but our customers as well. With that understanding, we have invested in a couple units for rental use. The program has a few options to choose from that will cover every rider.

  • One day rental fees are $40.00 for a single unit or $70.00 for two. (2 units work best with full suspension bikes).
  • Three day option is $65.00 for one or $110.00 for two. (2 units work best with full suspension bikes).

Please call 719-266-4047 or email to set up a day(s) and we will reserve one or two for you.


You will need to download the ShockWiz app for your phone. This app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and is Bluetooth compatible.

You will be required to ride with your phone as the data acquired by the sensor transfers that data over to your phone to be analyzed.

The rental rate does not include installation of the unit(s). Installation is easy and does take a few minutes to do along with setup. ProCycling is more than happy to  help with the installation. Installation is $10.00 per unit. The data will be recorded on your phone and will give you recommendations on what to change.

Things you will see in app:

  • Baseline Airpressure
  • Airspring Ramp
  • Rebound
  • High Speed Compression
  • Low Speed Compression
  • Bottom Out Resistance
  • Pogo
  • Packing
  • Bottoming
  • Bobbing
  • Bouncing

What does all this mean?

We can help you with that as well. The app does a great job with analytics and suggests several recommendations based upon your unique riding style; we can help with this too.

Shockwiz is compatible with all air sprung forks and rear shocks. Once you get a baseline from those recommendations, you can make several adjustments to your suspension to suit your preferences.  If the ride quality diminishes, you'll have your baseline figures from which to revert back to.

ShockWiz on bikes